How To Make Korma
How To Make Korma: This dish is one of the most popular and famous dishes of Northern Pakistan. The term “Korma” means “roasted chicken” in English and is usually served when the meal has been prepared and cooked at the house or in restaurants. It is not very difficult to make Korma, provided that you have the right spices and ghee to make it.

Ingredients for Chicken Korma: For this authentic Pakistani dish, chicken should be kept on bones. Normally, chicken is used for imparting a flavor to the marinade. However, boneless chicken is preferred, as it lends a more tender touch to the marinade. The ginger and cardamom are commonly used as flavoring agents in preparing this Pakistani dish. Onions, too, add an aromatic touch to the marinade and are fried or grilled to give it a spicy taste.

How To Make Korma: This easy chicken recipe makes use of Pakistani spices and ingredients. Firstly, coriander has to be ground into fine dust, then raked and finally mixed with mustard seeds, black pepper and cumin powder. Seasoning the recipe with coriander leaves and red chillies is optional. Once the ingredients are ready, the chicken is cut into thin pieces and laid on top of the coriander powder. Then, the pieces are covered with tomato paste and grated cheese. To finish the preparation, small pieces of raw onion are thrown on top of the prepared gravy.

An authentic Pakistani recipe for Korma consists of layered chicken fillets coated with thin layers of tomato paste, clarified butter and then fried onions. The final effect is an irresistible coating that is both tasty and lip smacking. All the ingredients are ready to cook while the ingredients are mixed together. When the mixture is completely blended, it is then covered with the coriander leaves and spices. A wire rack is placed over the prepared mixture so that the fried onions can get cooked easily. When done, the mixture is then cooked in the special fryer that is provided with the package.

How To Make Korma: To make a thick and tasty gravy, one needs to have the right mixture of spices. These spices are roasted cashews, onions, green chillies, cumin powder, dried red chilies, garam masala, coconut milk, clarified butter, dry white wine and finally sugar. Mix all these ingredients together using a wooden spoon until they become smooth. This is a very thick liquid which is then applied to the croutons of the chicken and allowed to stand for some time. The gravy then turns out to be thick and flavoured.

How To Make Korma: The recipe can also be followed to serve this delicious dish. Firstly, heat the oil provided in the recipe and fry the spices mentioned in it. Once the spices are almost smoking, add the chicken pieces and cook for about two minutes. Add cashew paste and cook for another two minutes.

How To Make Korma: For the final step of the How To Make Korma, mix in the tomato paste, clarified butter and cumin powder. Stir the mixture and cover for about three minutes so that the spices get infused and cook thoroughly. This should be done well so that the paste does not dry out when mixed with the milk. At this stage, the pestle can be used to remove the cooked mixture from the pan. The pestle can also be used to clean the paste well before serving.

How To Make Korma: For those who love to eat traditional food made by generations, this Korma Recipe will be a real delight. In this recipe, whole foods play an important role and they are best to be used as they are healthy and good for you. It is easy to make and tastes better than any Pakistani dishes. For the preparation of the whole foods, all one has to do is to soak half a cup of washed basmati in water overnight. After soaking, chop the onions finely and add the chopped onions, cumin powder and chopped garlic next to the cooked Basmati in the pan.

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